Microsoft: Surface made two-in-one PC category popular

Microsoft Surface Book

Contrary to what the industry as a whole believes, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is of the opinion that its Surface range of computers actually made the two-in-one PC category popular and increased its uptake across the industry.

Nadella put forward these claims in an interview with The Australian Financial Review wherein he said that just a few years back people were questioning on whether the two-in-one form factor will ever be needed. However, Surface made the whole thing a front runner in the PC industry and now even Microsoft’s competition believes that it is not a “refrigerator and a toaster but it’s actually a two-in-one.”

Nadella was seemingly taking a jibe at Cook’s comments back in 2012 when he said that two-in-one devices came with “too many trade-offs”. Nadella said that Microsoft is not afraid to take risks and the key to make meaningful progress and momentum is “that you have to have some amount of boldness in taking risk, and knowing that you are not always going to get it right.”

Nadella said that they aren’t working on a product just because a competitor is doing better in that category and that they are not driven by just envy of what others are doing or having. Nadella says that their motivation behind their work on a product is driven by the question of what they can bring to the game.

“That’s where I look at any device form factor or any technology, even AI,” added Nadella.

On Microsoft’s presence in mobile space, he stated, “We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.”

“There are a few companies that are at the cutting-edge of AI, in whichever way you look at it,” Nadella said.

He also touched upon artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered bots becoming the next interface that can shape interactions with the help of apps and devices.

Nadella confessed that some companies are ahead of Microsoft in AI. “There are a few companies that are at the cutting-edge of AI, in whichever way you look at it.”

But he stressed that Microsoft has the best capabilities around speech recognition. “But when you just look at the capability around speech recognition, who has the state of the art? Microsoft does … What is the state of the art with image recognition? Microsoft again, and those are not subjective they are judged by objective criteria,” he said.