Supermoon UFO video emerges on the web [Watch now]


A video has surfaced on the web showing off not just the stunning supermoon, but also a UFO that flies past the spectacular celestial event on November 14.

The moon was at its closest since 1948 and the night of November 14 brought with a supermoon that showed the magnificent moon and its beauty in greater detail. David McCarty decided to capture this supermoon on a camera and while he did capture the event, he accidentally captured an alleged UFO flying past the moon. If you fast forward to 0:51 mark on the video timeline, you will see a disc-shaped object is seen flying across the supermoon.

McCarty says in the video description that he was out and about to film the supermoon event because it was the largest supermoon since 1948. Once captured, he was reviewing the video and he noticed something even more impressive.

“I had caught a “UFO” passing in front of the super moon. Watch carefully at about 00:51 for it to pass along the bottom of the lunar disc,” he notes in the video description.

While the video is intriguing, there are those who believe that it is a video editing job. To this McCarty says that he has posted the raw video as is with just one edit wherein he got rid of the initial few seconds of the footage during which he was adjusting his tripod.

Quite a few people believe that it isn’t a UFO, but actually a speeding jet that has been caught by McCarty. Some others believe that it could have been a bird. Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think.


  1. Sure why not. it is a flying object between the ground and the moon. There are many known flying objects in our atmosphere but it is more fun to pretend it is an alien spacecraft. perhaps the USS enterprise on a time warp mission.

  2. It’s such a shame that someone’s taken a really nice bit of footage of a rare astronomical event, and then tried to get more views by adding “UFO” into the title. What’s even more shameful is so-called news sites like this indulging the guy and running it as a story.