[Watch video] Fleet of UFOs seen taking off from Moon?

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A YouTuber Geri Vigil has posted a video online wherein alleged fleet of UFOs is seen taking off the Moon and some are seen orbiting Earth’s natural satellite.

November has been a month of multiple UFO and moon stories and this one is no different. Moon seems to be one of the favourite destinations for aliens or at least unidentified flying objects [UFOs] either being of Earthly origin or from aliens as a new video claims to show.

While there have been UFO and alien conspiracy theories ever since the Apollo days, the latest ones come with video evidence unlike previous claims where black and white images were the only things shown as evidence. After the end of Apollo missions humans never went back to the Moon, but it seems that aliens like our Moon and according to many UFO and alien enthusiasts, Earth’s natural is a base for extraterrestrials and they are keeping a close watch on Earth from there.

In the new video alleged fleet of UFOs is taking off from the Moon and some of these UFOs are orbiting the Moon. While there is no evidence that the information presented in the video is a fact, it does raise some curiosity.

The commentary in the video [embedded below] points out that there is no scientific basis for the claims and that the sightings could be some sort of optical illusion, but it is leaving that to the viewers to decide on what it actually is and how do they want to take it.

The video and its spin-offs have generated nearly a million views ever since it was released on YouTube. While the video is interesting, it is the comments as well that call for a quick reading. There are mixed reactions with some falling in the believers category, some falling in the sceptics line while the remaining being sarcastic. Many are claiming that this is because of the dust that may have been gathered on one of these: window or camera lense or the lense on the telescope using which the whole thing was shot.

There’s one comment that adds Planet X in the mix as well. It reads: “Wow wonder why they’re leaving like that ….. Never saw so many before …… Maybe they know something’s up …… Planet X maybe ? Too bad we don’t have ships like that …… We can all leave ………………..”

There are those that who go to the extent that someone is testing out long range weapons to fend off future threats. “To me it looks more like as if the surface of the moon was boiling. I mean it’s red hot and there are pieces of molten moon rock being flung into the air because the whole moon-soup is bubbling up. So here’s my theory: someone is testing a long distance microwave superweapon designed to fend off future cosmic threats”, writes Judith R.

Scot Warring of UFOSightingsDaily adds his own little analysis to the whole thing claiming that astronomers have long known that UFOs have been flying to and from the moon and even orbiting the moon for years. Warring goes to the extent of saying that “these objects are a form of protection from future Apollo missions landing on the moon. It may be owned by a species thats not so friendly about sharing.”

Concluding this piece on a sarcastic tone, here’s a comment from YouTube that caught our attention: “Those aliens were rooting for the establishment of the New World Order, but since Donald Trump won the elections, they lost hope and decided to just go home… that’s what we are seeing in this video.” Check out the video below:


  1. why bother we have been to the moon more than once and it is the same as what is on the other side of the mountain the other side of the mountain nothing to bother going there for

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsI9dq_HIwE
    Published on Oct 25, 2016
    A discussion of why it is more scientific to argue that “aliens” are really human beings who survived 10,000 years since the destruction of Atlantis. They are concerned about our nuclear technology and other ecosystem destruction. They are earth dwellers, too.
    Occam’s Razor – entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.
    Human intelligence is the only thing guiding the UFOs. Rendlesham Forest was visited by a probe sent by humans who have survived beneath the oceans for 10,000 years. The Phoenix Lights were on an object being controlled by humans who we refer to as being from Atlantis.
    Plato’s grandfather, Solon, was not lied to by the Egyptians.