Parallel universes exist and time travel is possible: Physicists

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Physicists are challenging the single universe theory head-on claiming that parallel universes exist and that they influence each other.

A team of physicists from Griffith University and University of California have developed a theory they have called ‘Many Interacting Worlds’ wherein the underlying idea is the existence of parallel universes and their ability to influence each other through quantum mechanics.

According to the team, quantum mechanics is needed to explain their theory of multiverses, but they have taken a different approach for their theory wherein if it were just one world, it reduces to Newtonian mechanics, and if there is a gigantic number of worlds it reproduces quantum mechanics.

The idea of multiverses isn’t new if we consider quantum mechanics. There is a well-known ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation’ wherein each universe branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. This effectively means that all the possibilities are realised. Our world is just one of the many gigantic worlds according to this new theory and this effectively means that in some other world the dinosaurs would have survived the mass extinction while in other India would have been colonised by the French and not the British.

The team takes the existing theory of multiverses in quantum mechanics and expands the concept by claiming that these worlds have the potential to influence each other. The team says that all of the worlds are equally real and exist on the same timeline, and they all influence and interact with each other through what they call a universal force of repulsion.

The force essentially means that the worlds are “bouncing” off of each other with an event happening in one world triggering a reaction in another universe. Physicists say that these reactions could provide the building blocks for finding these other worlds, and potentially using these connections between the worlds to travel through time.

While the theory has raised quite a few brows, many physicists are skeptical while other are flat-out denying that this theory has any base. But one physics and philosophy expert at University of Michigan, Charles Seben, says the theory provides a nice analysis of particular phenomena like quantum tunneling and ground-state energy.