Five ways BlackBerry Secure could help you protect your business from cyber threats

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BlackBerry recently unveiled its Comprehensive Mobile-Security Platform for the Enterprise of Things which it calls BlackBerry Secure – a solution that is being dubbed as a one-stop solution for securing all your information assets from data theft and hacker disruption.

BlackBerry Secure has been described as a foundational platform designed for the Enterprise of Things that takes a mobile-native approach to security, addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint, and is cloud-enabled providing companies manage and secure their mobile devices and connected things, while securing communications for all messages and file types.

One of the ways that BlackBerry says its BlackBerry Secure will help business protect their information from cyber threats is that the platform will help prevent hackers from penetrating devices and information assets across the network.

Considering the information security costs money, BlackBerry has ensured that its BlackBerry Secure platform doesn’t financially burden enterprises by enabling IT administrators leverage their current investments, as well as provide them unified endpoint management (UEM) across all devices, apps, users, policies and operating systems, including Android for Work, Samsung KNOX, iOS, Windows 10, MacOS and BlackBerry 10), as well help replace expensive VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) platforms.

Flexibility is the third aspect which BlackBerry Secure caters to by accommodating employees, contractors and business partners with a BYOT (Bring Your Own Thing) policy so that they can have secure access to corporate networks and data without a VPN, as well as a consistent experience no matter what device they carry.

Compatibility with existing solutions is another strong point of BlackBerry Secure. The Canadian company says that its foundational platform is not only compatible with BlackBerry’s current products, but is also ‘future-proofed’ to address upcoming capabilities in messaging and analytics. It will also be compatible with future applications from developers, popular third-party cloud systems, and applications like Microsoft Office 365.

Industry recognised security certification provides the assurance that BlackBerry Secure is part of the security heritage that BlackBerry represents.