Lenovo working on Phab 2 Pro successor? Another Tango device almost confirmed


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro was released recently and while it may not be that appealing to every smartphone user out there, the device is true to its roots – Google’s Project Tango – and now if reports are to be believed, Lenovo is already working on another Tango device.

Project Tango is all about packing specialist sensors onto a mobile or a tablet device such that it helps map out 3D spaces for a range of applications including augmented reality, construction, medical use and more. The overall design of the Phab 2 Pro looks like it isn’t the works of a professional smartphone company that releases easy to use smartphones with perfectly placed buttons and sensors; however, Tango devices are meant to look like that considering that it is still a ‘Project’.

Whatever may be the case, Lenovo has already released its first generation Tango device and with Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 fast approaching, we are getting reports that other companies will be showing off their Tango devices as the Las Vegas event. ASUS for sure is going to release one of its own Tango devices. This means that Lenovo will have at least one competitor next year.

But that doesn’t bother General Manager of Android and Chrome for Lenovo, Jeff Meredith, who hinted that Lenovo may be working on another device already to get ahead of the game. He recently mentioned that considering that other companies are already working on their own version of Tango devices, it makes sense for Lenovo to work on new Tango devices of its own in 2017. He also mentioned that considering Lenovo already has its head in the Tango game, it is well ahead of its competitors who are still working on their first-generation devices only.

One of the limiting factors that could hamper adoption of Tango devices is very limited availability of apps – less than 40 Tango-capable apps in the Play Store as of now – but that will also change as more and more developers will be motivated to release their apps as more and more manufacturers release their Tango devices. CES 2017 is around the corner, so stay tuned for updates on new Tango devices.