Nintendo Super Mario Run landing on Android in March

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Nintendo has confirmed that its Super Mario Run will be landing on Android in March – about three months after the game was released for Apple’s iPhone in December 2016. Nintendo made the announcement on its Twitter feed.

Nintendo has been losing out on console front to Microsoft and Sony and in a bid to capitalise on its once successful PC and old gaming console titles, the Japanese gaming giant has decided to resurrect some of those games by bringing them to the mobile front. Super Mario Run represents a belated bid by Nintendo to tap mobile gaming after restricting its most popular gaming character to its own game consoles.

After launching the game on December 15 on iPhone, Super Mario Run downloads topped a record 40 million in just four days. By releasing an Android version, Nintendo can tap a much larger pool of potential gamers.

More than four out of five smartphones shipped in 2016 use the Android operating system, according to market research company IDC.

Analysts, however, note that so far less than one in 10 people who have downloaded Super Mario Run for free have agreed to pay $9.99 to unlock all the features of the game.

One thing to note about Super Mario Run is that the game will not work without an Internet connection. According to Nintendo, the necessity of Internet connection is to combat piracy. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, said that they want to not only protect their asset, but also want to ensure that it can provide the buyers of the game an experience that is secure and stable.

Miyamoto said that they considered branching off the World Tour mode into its own app – the only mode out of three that doesn’t rely on Internet connection – to allow offline-play but decided against it in favour of keeping things simple.