Surface Pro 5 launch reports fuel massive Surface Pro 4 price cuts

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As we draw near to a possible Surface Pro 5 launch soon, the Surface Pro 4 prices are taking a beating at all major online retailers with some knocking off up to 30 per cent of the original retail price.

Surface Pro 5 launch reports mixed with a few confirmed specifications have effectively motivated many retailers to cut prices of Surface Pro 4 to clear out the inventory and make room for incoming Surface Pro 5 stocks. Surface Pro 5 will not be an over the top upgrade from Surface Pro 4 according to Paul Thurrott with Intel Kaby Lake processors. That said, Surface Pro 5 could bring to the table some new features aided by Windows 10 that may likely be unique to the tablet, but we will have to wait for the tablet to actually make it to the market.

Coming to Surface Pro 4, the tablet has made Microsoft some serious money over the previous holiday season and still continues to do so. Surface Pro 4 isn’t selling for the suggested retail prices any more and one of the key reasons behind this is its age as well as Surface Pro 5 rumours.

Surface Pro 4 prices have taken a beating over the last couple of months and currently the tablets are being sold for up to 30 per cent discount on MSRP. Consider the top end variant of the Surface Pro 4 with 1 TB storage, 16 GB RAM paired with Intel Core i7e. This tablet had an MSRP of $2,699, but it is currently being sold at just $2,100 on – a discount of $599 or 22 per cent.

Down the order is the Surface Pro 4 with 512GB storage, 16 GB RAM paired with Intel Core i7e. This one was retailing at $2,199 originally, but it is now being sold at just $1,599 – a whopping 27 per cent discount. Other variants of Surface Pro 4 also carry such attractive discounts, which you can find here.