Surface Pro 5 on back seat as new Surface laptops garner spotlight

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The recent leak revealing possible Surface laptops and what Microsoft is looking for in terms of hardware from its partners to be able to run Windows 10 has taken the spotlight off Surface Pro 5 for now.

The Internet was abuzz with reports, rumours and speculations about Surface Pro 5 and its hardware specifications until Microsoft started sending out invites for its May 2 event centered around education. The invite had many effects – the primary one being people stopped talking about Surface Pro 5 and instead diverted their attention to Windows 10 and possible new Surface hardware. [If you are waiting for Surface Pro 5, quit waiting and buy Surface Pro 4 at up to 30 per cent discount].

A new leak just days after the official invite cemented the belief that the May 2 event may be about some Surface hardware, but it will most certainly be about Microsoft going all guns blazing against Google and its Chrome OS powered low-priced laptops that are a huge hit in the education market.

The leak was about Windows 10 Cloud and what Microsoft is looking for from its hardware partners. The leak was about hardware specifications that Microsoft wants its partners to build so that they can run Windows 10 Cloud optimally and offer their users what Microsoft has envisioned for its Windows 10.

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Some of the specifications mentioned by Microsoft in the document are 10-plus hours of battery life, cold-boot times of 20 seconds and resume times of under 2 seconds, at least a quad-core chip, 4GB of RAM, and at least 32GB of eMMC or SSD storage. Microsoft has listed pen and touchscreen capabilities as “optional”.

Google has progressed a lot in the education niche thanks to its Chrome OS that is a particularly light operating system and offers a range of features and apps that are run in the cloud. To counter this, Windows 10 Cloud, which has already been confirmed by multiple trustworthy sources earlier this year, is the way forward for Microsoft.

Microsoft has been focusing on top-notch hardware ever since it released Surface range of hardware including Surface tablets, Surface Pro tablets [Surface Pro 4 price cuts] and Surface Book laptops. The hurdle to mass adoption has been prices. To counter this Microsoft needs to use mediocre hardware, but than Windows 10 could be the issue. That’s where Windows 10 Cloud comes in and saves the day for Microsoft and that’s one reason we strongly believe Windows 10 Cloud will power all future Surface devices.