Sony MDR-XB80BS Extra Bass review

Sony MDR-XB80BS Extra Bass review

Nothing can be energizing like listening to your favorite music while working out. Music is magical in the way that it influences your workout. Listening to music as you go for your runs or workouts keeps you going and motivates you to work harder.

Sony knows what you need and therefore they designed the Sony MDR-XB80BS extra bass specifically for active sports persons. These fantastic over-ear noise-cancelling, and in-ear headphones give out extra bass sound to enhance your listening and exercising experience.

The Sony MDR-XB80BS wireless headphones do not tangle, meaning you will be able to move your hands freely. This feature also ensures they last longer. Most importantly, they deliver exceptional sound quality.


Fantastic sound quality:
The sound quality produced by the MDR-XB80BS is exceptional. The headphones features a built-in LDAC enhanced codec support and Bluetooth allowing you to stream the highest quality audio without having to connect bothersome wires.

The Sony MDR-XB80BS’s have powerful and engaging extra bass for an enhanced listening experience. That keeps you going while working out. The big beats will motivate you to push and go further to your target.
Freedom to move:

They come with a cable adjuster and clip to enable them stay in place. They give you all the freedom to move around freely. Unlike some models with wires, they don’t tangle to hamper your listening experience.

The Sony MDR-XB80BS feature a behind-the-ear looping shape so that they comfortably fit when wearing them. You can move your head around during exercise and they won’t fall out.

They are lightweight :

These headphones weigh nearly 27g. This ensures they are comfortable when you are using them.
Moreover, they come with a built-in microphone and an inline remote allowing you to enjoy hands-free calls.

Battery Life:
With battery life being an important consideration when choosing wireless headphones, Sony MDR-XB80BS headphones boast battery life of up to 7 hours when fully charged and last up to 200 hours on standby mode. Such a long battery life is preferred by long race sportspeople. When you fully charge these headphones, the music can never cut short while you are halfway your workout routine. Additionally, they feature a quick charge’ function, which enables you to charge them quickly in case you had forgotten to charge from home. With a 10 min Quick Charge’ for 60 min playback, you are able to charge them qui

Charging the Sony MDR-XB80BS’s is absolutely easy. All you need is to connect your headphones to a PC using a USB cable and they will automatically start charging.

They are splash-proof and washable

With these headphones, you don’t have to worry that they will get spoilt if they come into contact with water. They have an IPX5 rating which means that they are splash-resistant and washable. You can rinse them off after your sweaty workout.


Have lots of wireless features.
The headphones are very durable.
Comes in a sports-friendly design with water resistance.
Offer great durability.
They are good at cancelling external noise.
They come in three different colors; red, black and blue. A user can make a choice based on their favorite color.

Overall, as a music lover who needs to stick to his/her workout routine, the Sony MDR-XB80BS headphones is all you need to have and experience great workout results. Talk of their splash-resistant, customizable, wireless & ear-hook design, comfort, and audio quality features, the XB80BS extra bass headphones are a great option.

The headphones come with a carrying pouch for easy portability.

Having received numerous reviews together with the outstanding features, Sony MDR-XB80BS extra bass headphones are undoubtedly a great purchase. It’s a product that really offers value for money.