NBA Finals Live Stream: How to Watch Cavs vs Warriors Game 5 Live Online

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NBA Finals Live Stream : Game 5 of the NBA Finals is upon us. At 9 p.m. on June 12, the Warriors will have a chance to win their third NBA championship in five years. Led by such powerhouses as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, the Warriors managed a winning streak in the first three games of the finals. Had they won the fourth, they would have had an undefeated championship run. However, the Cavaliers and LeBron James dashed that dream with a victory in Game 4. Now 3-1, this year’s NBA finals are now bearing a striking resemblance to the finals of 2016. Last year, the Warriors only needed to win Game 4 to be crowned kings, but a four game winning streak ended the Cavs 50 year championship drought.

After three defeats, the Cavaliers opted for a more physical defense. There were a lot of fouls early in the game, and a lot of grabbing, holding, shoving, and pushing. To really understand the importance of Cleveland’s defense, in Game 4 Golden State’s shooting percentage was only 28.2 from deep when their shooting percentage in previous games has been almost double that. With a more aggressive defense and LeBron scoring an incredibly 31 points and 11 assists, it’s easy to see how the Cavaliers won 137-116.

But it wasn’t just LeBron James that shined in Game 4. Kyrie Irving got 40 points over the course of 41 minutes, and Kevin Love got a respectable 23 points as well. Shooting with 53.3 from deep, the Cavaliers outshot the Warriors without seemingly any trouble. Not only that, but Cleveland also broke quite a few records in Game 4 including most points in a quarter in Finals history, and most points in a half in Finals history.

With Game 5 being held in Oakland, the Warriors are hoping to play their usual game in front of a friendly crowd. In previous games the Warriors focused on keeping the ball moving and on their transition play over everything else. The strategy has worked for them so far, allowing Stephen Curry to get 26 points or more in past games and making the Warriors one of the top teams when it comes to assists.

This isn’t the first time these two teams have faced each other in the NBA finals. The championships of 2016 and 2015 were also a struggle between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. Each of these teams have one championship wrenched away from the other. 2017 marks the third battle for greatness between them. Who will come out as ultimate victors? It’s difficult to say. While the odds are in favor of the Warriors, its quite possible that history will repeat itself and the Cavaliers will win the next four games and wrestle victory from the jaws of defeat. If the Cavaliers win Game 5 they may just have enough momentum to carry them all the way.

Only time will tell. Fortunately, you don’t need a ticket to watch this historic event. You can live stream the even via, the ABC app,, or the WatchESPN app. If you have access to ESPN via a cable provider then you can stream the game through WatchESPN for free.

How to watch NBA Finals 2017 Game 5

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