The National football league(NFL) is a professional American football league which is considered one of the four major football leagues of North America and the highest professional level of American football in the world. The league consists of 32 teams which are divided equally between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference(NFC). The 17-week regular season stretches from the week after the Labor Day to the week after charismas.

NFL preseason is a period before the actual championship in which the teams play exhibition matches which aren’t recorded for official stats. It begins with the featured Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in early August. The preseason extends for a period of five weekends and the start of this season is inherently tied with the terminal week of the training camp.

The NFL preseason 2017 has aired from The Hall of Fame Game on 3rd August and will end on the 31st.

The Best approach to watching the NFL preseason Live Stream

A lot of different channels can provide live stream of the preseason NFL games but they are limed to seven or eight games and the games have been divided among these channels. Given below are the top four recommended avenues for streaming NFL preseason games.

1. NFL Game Pass

2. Sling TV


4. Use of Antenna

The services of two of the above have been explained below.

NFL Game Pass

NFL game Pass is the official online streaming service of the NFL, and it is the best approach for hard-core football fans because it provides the service for almost all the games for the preseason as well as the regular season games and those games of the preseason which are not available are made available shortly after the game. If you subscribe then you can watch the game from several online players like Apple TV, X box, Roku and more. Preseason games which are not available could be checked on the local NFL Preseason TV schedule.

Sling TV

Sling TV arranges an excellent package for watching NFL preseason games online, especially with their ongoing free 7-day trial offer. If you subscribe on this channel then you will be able to watch a lot great sports channels without any cable. The service has packages starting from $20 a month without any contract and it includes more than 24 other popular channels like HGTV, TBS, CNN, AMC and several more. There are up to more than 150 channels which are available for use. The sling TV can be used on your PC, mobile phone, tablet or smart TV. For NFL preseason games, the NFL network is the most recommended in sling tv because it provides all 64 preseason games as well as 16 games in the regular season. NBC, FOX and ESPN also provide good packages.

In addition to the online streaming, sling TV also provides a round the clock service of football news coverage to keep you entertained when the game is not on. A special deal is being offered now which is very convenient for the NFL fans because if you sign up for three months of service then you will be given a free streaming device making it useful for you to watch the NFL all seasons long.