The Dallas Cowboys are still awaiting a ruling on a potential suspension for running back Ezekiel Elliott, who was under investigation for alleged incidents of domestic violence for more than a year. A judgment is expected to be passed down shortly (maybe when Friday), also based on a report by NFL Network, the Cowboys must be all set for Elliott to be given a very long ban.

Six matches would be that the mandated punishment under the NFL’s domestic violence policy, however a suspension may deviate from that amount according to mitigating or aggravating conditions.

Between Elliott and the accuser, based on USA Today. The team was running its own investigation out of this proper legal system, along with the NFL world was waiting with bated breath to its judgment.
The Cowboys and Elliott have been steadfast in their insistence that Elliott did nothing wrong and won’t be suspended, however the remainder of the NFL ecosystem appears to agree that a kind of ban is coming his way (that includes the gambling markets). Elliott could take the case into court, a la Patriotsquarterback Tom Brady at Deflategate, but that could drag out the situation even farther.

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