Google Glass helping Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics


Google may have had to huge plans for its augmented-reality headset Google Glass, but things didn’t work out along those lines with the search engine giant eventually ceasing to sell the headset to consumers.

However, there is still a bright side to this because one of the major aims of Google Glass has been fulfilled – it has become a highly important tool for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics as they are able to communicate using Google Glass with ease with doctors during emergencies in real time.

University of Massachusetts’ Medical School (UMMS) is one such university where Google Glass has been immensely helpful. UMMS is set to organise a drill this fall with first responders wearing Google Glass to see if it improves emergency assessment. The university will also deploy a drone equipped with heat sensors to help find patients and determine which ones need the most urgent attention.

Stanford University is also using Google Glass to help kids with autism. The university’s Autism Glass Project provides families with facial recognition software that helps interpret facial expressions.

In other Google news, the search engine giant completed 18 years and as part of the celebrations, the company hosted a number of parties around the world. One such party was organised in India where the company announced India specific products including Google Platform and YouTube Go.