WHO wants attacks on health care services in Syria to stop


Health care services in war-torn Syria are depleting by the day and things are getting worse with increased attacks on the sector by warring factions, things are not looking any better. Because of this the World Health Organisation (WHO) has demanded that attacks on the health care sector should be stopped immediately.

Rick Brennan, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) department of emergency risk management and humanitarian response, said in a statement that the situation in Syria has gotten a lot worse over the last couple of months. As of now out of the 100+ public hospitals in the country only 45 odd hospitals are fully functional. Aleppo is the worth as far as health care is concerned with less than 30 doctors catering to the needs of a whopping 275,000 people.

Citing Geneva Conventions, Brennan said that attacks on health care are prohibited and all involved parties should refrain from targeting hospitals and other medical facilities. Situation is getting worse with increased attacks. Civilians including children are being treated in make shift hospitals and on floors instead of proper beds and lack of intensive care facilities are making it increasingly harder for medical professionals to take good care of the wounded and ill.

WHO revealed in its latest report that month-on-month attacks are increasing with 63 alerts on attacks carried out by air to surface missiles and barrel bombs being documented in August this year – a number which stood at 54 in July. The attacks over these two months resulted in the deaths of at least 52 people, including nine health workers and eight children.

The WHO official called upon those responsible to stop the violence, end attacks on health care, let the sick and wounded out, while allowing much-needed humanitarian aid to reach those in need.