Seasonal Affective Disorder or holiday blues can be tackled easily


With the winter setting in more and more people are bound to suffer from mood swings and this is because of what is called the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or holiday blues. To tackle these holiday blues there is no need for medicines, but simple steps like being involved in festive season, reading books, and changing diet will go a long way.

Medically, SAD is a type of depression generally attached to changing weather. People in different countries may be affected by SAD at different times of the year. Generally the holiday blues affect people during winter and monsoon and one of the primary reasons according to experts is lack of exposure to sunlight. Young individuals and females are at a greater risk of developing SAD.

One of the most common reasons behind holiday blues or SAD is decrease in serotonin, which is known to regulate moods and general lack of exposure to sunlight causes a lack of getting it naturally.

Holiday blues or SAD is a predictable syndrome and that makes it possible for those who suffer from it to be ready for it in advance and take it head on.

How to ready yourself to tackle SAD?

The best way to tackle SAD or holiday blues is to ensure that you go for a walk when there is sunlight. Further, if you follow and exercise regime, make sure you do not miss out any of your sessions and if you don’t exercise, start immediately after consulting with your physician. Yoga has been pegged as a major SAD deterrent. Psychologists also provide professional advice on how to tackle SAD and counselling sessions could help as well.

Some other ways to tackle SAD are redecorating your room with vibrant colours and furnishings, cultivation of a hobby that will keep you busy during all those hours when generally you would be free, reading books, change in diet, and avoiding regular consumption of alcohol.