YouTube gets in-app messaging feature; service limited to Canada only for now

YouTube, Online Videos

YouTube doesn’t want users to leave its app to share videos with other users and with those intentions, the online video company has launched an in-app messaging feature for its Android and iOS apps with limited availability in Canada for now.

YouTube says that through this in-app messaging feature users will not only be able to share YouTube videos, but they will also be able to perform general messaging tasks like sending text messages, links, etc. While the feature has been made available to Canadian users for now, users in other regions can access the feature via invite.

Google Canada has revealed through a blog post how users can use this in-app messaging feature to share a video with multiple users, chat with them, invite more users, and even reply with additional YouTube video links.

To make it more social, the feature also allows users to express a liking for the video by tapping on the ‘heart’ inside the chat thread. Another great feature is that the video will play inside the chat window without users having to leave it.

“Not only can you share and receive videos in the app, you can also chat about them right on YouTube, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation, and more”, read the Google blog.

The feature was tested for a brief time last May and Google even confirmed that it was testing such a feature but didn’t reveal much about it at that time. It was also constrained only for a few users who were a part of YouTube’s testing process.

Canadians have been the first to receive this feature publicly and that’s because Canadians share 15 per cent more videos than an average YouTube user, so it’s fair that they should see feature earlier than everybody else.

If you are not in Canada and still want to use it, you will need an invite from a friend who is already using this service. That could practically happen if your friend resides in Canada, they add you to their chat, or share a video in this fashion. After being added, you can share and chat with others as well.