Get your name to the moon for as low as $8 – only if you are an Indian though


Google Lunar XPRIZE finalists are gearing up to send their landers to the moon by end of 2017 and at least one of these startups is thinking about you as well while it tries to establish itself as the winner.

Team Indus, the only Indian start-up to have made it to the final tally of the Lunar XPRIZE, can get your name to the moon for as low as INR 500 (~$8). The project is a part of the crowdfunding initiative and Team Indus has announced that it will offer Indians the opportunity to leave their names on the moon, for a price.

Team Indus will take the names of their public donors and immortalize them on the moon, by micro-engraving them on a small-sized aluminium object, which will then be placed on the lunar surface when their lander descends on the moon.

Team Indus is planning to launch their lander on December 28 aboard ISRO’ s PSLV rocket and post a journey of 384,400 kilometres from Earth, it will try to soft-land its lander on the moon on January 26, 2018. Under the Google Lunar XPRIZE terms, to win the prize money, the finalists will have to first successfully land their rover on the moon, then get it to travel at least 500m on the lunar surface and transmit high-definition video and images back to the earth.

The company has already garnered as many as 10,000 registrations from interested Indians who want to leave their name on the moon. According to estimates, Team Indus could raise a whopping $10 million by getting 1.4 million citizens to back the one-of-a-kind mission.

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