BlackBerry goes after new revenue stream by opening up BBM Enterprise SDK

BlackBerry BBM, BlackBerry Android smartphone

In a move geared towards opening up a new revenue stream, BlackBerry has opened up its BBM Enterprise SDK to developers enabling them to integrate secure messaging, voice and video capabilities into their own apps and services.

Through the BBM Enterprise SDK developers will be able to leverage the expertise of BlackBerry in the field of secure messaging and offer secure messaging in chats and group chats, message quoting, retraction, editing, and deletion. BlackBerry says that as far as voice and video calls are concerned, developers will be able to provide the ability to accept an incoming voice or video call while app is running in the background, displaying a thumbnail preview of the video call, and allows viewing video call in full screen.

Further, the SDK will also enable developers to integrate encrypted file sharing within their apps – a feature that is increasingly becoming more and more prevalent in messaging apps.

BlackBerry points out that instant messaging as a mode of communications do not offer the level of security that users might want and that puts them as well as their data at risk. However, with BBM Enterprise SDK, developers will be able to provide their users the highest-level of security for messages, voice, and video for iOS and Android.

The BBM SDK makes use of NOC architecture, which BlackBerry says was built with security in mind and is designed to meet the most demanding enterprise needs. “It is globally accessible and provides built-in redundancies to ensure optimal performance, flexibility, QoS and availability for products being built for mass scale,” it added.

The company says that enterprises will be able to avoid upfront investments in hardware infrastructure with its cloud-based model and control operational costs with an affordable subscription-based per-user licensing model. However, BlackBerry has not revealed how much the subscription will cost.

“We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to leverage our legacy and expertise in secure mobility to solve real business problems,” Marty Beard, COO at BlackBerry, was quoted as saying in the release. “We are opening up a new revenue stream for the company with a fully cloud-based communication service that is designed to help developers, ISVs, and enterprises meet the most demanding security and compliance requirements,” he added