1480bph Bugatti Chiron heads to Toronto Auto Show

Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron – a beast of a supercar; a hypercar according to many – made headlines when it was shown off to the world last year and now with its Canadian debut at the Toronto Auto Show, the 1480bph Veyron successor is garnering the most eyeballs at the auto show.

Pegged by many as a road missile the Chiron does 0 kmph to 100 kmph in under 2.5 seconds, to 200 kmph in less than 6.5 seconds, and to 300 kmph in under 13.6 seconds. The supercar can achieve a top speed of 420 km/h. If you consider the whole cycle of 0-402-0 kmph, the blazing fast supercar does it in under 60 seconds.

Under the hood powering the Bugatti behemoth is a quad-turbocharged, 8.0-litre W16 engine that develops nearly 1500 horsepower. With these specifications, Bugatti had to limit the top speed electronically. In tests, the supercar maker reportedly achieved top speeds of over 451 kmph without the limiter and likely even 463 kmph, reports indicate. The limiter is necessary considering the fact that the tyres apparently can not endure the maximum speed.

Bugatti has revealed that it will be commencing deliveries of the Chiron this year with 12 units already under production at its facility in Molsheim. Bugatti is targeting to build 70 units of the Chiron this year. According to the company, it takes six months to build a Chiron and deliver the car because as many as 20 workers assemble 1800 parts to compose each Chiron exclusively by hand.

Bugatti is going to manufacture only 500 units of the Chiron with the base price starting at a whopping 2.4 million euros.