Surface Pro 5 could face competition from Surface Pro 4 alternatives

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Surface Pro 5 will be the next big thing from Microsoft and while we continue to wait for the tablet, the next flagship from Microsoft could face competition from Surface Pro 4 alternatives.

Surface Pro 4 itself wasn’t aloof from competition considering that soon after its launch a number of consumer electronics companies including Dell, Samsung and Lenovo came up with their own Surface Pro 4 copycats and we have to admit, some of them were good – even better than Surface Pro 4.

Consider the case of Samsung Galaxy Book 12 that came with the S Pen and Keyboard Case and prices for which start from not so high $1299. The two-in-one is being offered with a number of different memory options based on your needs and is powered by Intel Core i5. Samsung is pitching the Galaxy Book 12 for enterprise customers as it believes that market segment has a huge potential.

If you look at a little low-end Surface Pro 4 lookalike, then there is the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S that featured a number of features similar to Surface Pro 4 and came at a relatively low price of $849.

For those who are into Lenovo can always opt for the Lenovo MiiX 510. This particular two-in-one might not have the same high-end hardware as the Surface Pro 4 top-end variants, but if you compare the low-end Surface Pro 4 models, the MiiX 510 is definitely worth a look. At $599.99 the Lenovo Miix 510 packs Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Dell also has a range of Surface Pro 4 alternatives, but one of the drawbacks of these hybrid devices from Dell is that they are more or less priced equivalently as the Surface Pro 4 or even higher.

Surface Pro 5 will face direct competition from these alternatives when it launches. While May 2 launch has been ruled out by many aware of the situation, a launch after a couple of months will happen nonetheless. Prices could be one deterrent for Surface Pro 5, but considering that it will pack latest hardware compared to the Surface Pro 4 alternatives that one thing might not go against Microsoft’s next flagship.