Surface Pro 5 to benefit from Apple MacBook Pro 2016 disappointment

Satya Nadella, Surface Pro 5

Like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 5 will continue to benefit from the ‘disappointing’ Apple MacBook Pro 2016 it the Surface Pro 4 successor is launched in a couple of months.

If you remember, back in December 2016, Microsoft’s Brian Hall penned a post on Windows blog claiming that because of the ‘disappointment of the MacBook Pro’, many users are switching to Microsoft Surface laptops. While we may not be able to really plot the sales numbers of Surface Pro 4 directly attributable to disappointment with MacBook Pro, things were definitely looking bright for Microsoft during the months before and after the holiday season last year. Surface Pro 4 sales numbers sky rocketed and helped Microsoft post impressive profits compared to all other Surface Pro tablets.

As far as problems with Apple MacBook Pro 2016 are concerned, users were complaining about GPU glitches and battery life issues. Apple has addressed those issue now and while that’s a good sign, the loss of initial sales momentum did hurt Apple. In the blog Hall revealed that more and more users are switching from MacBook Pro to Surface devices mainly because users – especially professionals – are disappointed by the MacBook Pro. Microsoft claims that their MacBook trade-in program saw the highest numbers ever.

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Hall went on to claim that multiple reviews of Surface laptops – including Surface Pro 4 [up to 30% reduction in prices] – gave the two-in-one more points over MacBook laptops and these reviews and the jump in sales numbers has made the Surface team proud and proves that the team at Microsoft is doing their job, Hall says.

Surface Pro 5 could help continue the sales momentum

We already know that Surface Pro 5 might not be a massive upgrade to Surface Pro 4, but we do know that the new two-in-one will feature better processors and hence greater battery life. With Windows 10 Creators Update applied to the Surface Pro 5 out of the box, the new two-in-one will definitely see large number of takers early on and this is what Microsoft would want.

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