Surface Pro 5 key to help sustain Microsoft sales momentum

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Microsoft witnessed one of the best holiday seasons last year and the sales momentum it garnered due to success of Surface Pro 4 will likely continue with the release of Surface Pro 5, market analysis believe.

Surface Pro family of tablets matured with Surface Pro 3 and come Surface Pro 4 things have definitely become a formidable two-in-one in the market that has very few competitors. Surface Pro 5 launch is something that will cement Microsoft’s position in the two-in-one market leapfrogging other hardware manufacturers including Dell, Samsung and HP.

Surface Pro 5 will ensure that Microsoft paves for itself a way into every major vertical out there – be it consumers or business or enterprise. Rumors indicated that Surface Pro 5 will feature lofty specifications, but that’s not happening according to Paul Thurrott who noted in a tweet that the Surface Pro 5 will be powered by Intel Kaby Lake processors and that the tablet will not do away with its proprietary connector. He also mentioned that there’s isn’t a whole lot of dramatic improvements in Surface Pro 5.

However, this revelation doesn’t deter us from believing that Surface Pro 5 will be the two-in-one that will etch a path of success.

Right off the bat it means that the Surface Pro 5 will be sort of an incremental upgrade featuring hardware improvements alongside the latest version of Windows 10. USB-C is out of the equation and that will be a major disappointment for many users considering this particular connectivity standard is being adopted by many hardware manufacturers. If you can’t wait for Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4 is being offered with huge discounts.

While the disappointments can’t be ruled out, one thing can be said that Microsoft is not leaving its users in the dark by implementing a new connectivity option that would have otherwise left Type Cover from their old Surface Pro device useless. Backward compatibility is key here and continuing to offer the Surface Connector, it has ensured that you will be able to use your old hardware.

Intel Kaby Lake may not have struck the right chord with everyone out there who are looking for much faster processing speeds, but the processor does bring with it nifty features that helps Surface Pro 5 become better than Surface Pro 4. First it is the tad higher processing speeds. Then there is the 4K support – something that Surface Pro 4 processors didn’t have – so expect something in this area for Surface Pro 5. Then there is increased battery backup as promised by Intel executives when they launched the Kay Lake line of processors.

So all in all while the Internet is abuzz with Surface Pro 5 and its not so good features, it is a wait and watch until every piece of information is out and we can draw a complete picture. If you can’t wait for Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 4 is being offered with huge discounts.