Surface Pro 5 hopes crushed by Microsoft; No Surface Pro launch in 2017

Surface pro 5

All hopes of a Surface Pro 5 launch in 2017 have been crushed brutally by Microsoft with one of the company’s top executive revealing that there is no such thing as a Surface Pro 5 at this time.
The statement comes amidst all the hype that has been building up surrounding the Surface Pro 5 and launch of a Surface Pro 4 successor. The hype was fuelled by the fact that it has been almost two years since the Surface Pro 4 was launched huge price cuts on various Surface Pro 4 models and there have been substantial price cuts in the current generation Surface Pro ever since the holiday season kicked in last year.
Not a day went by without coming across a report or two that claimed to reveal some information about the Surface Pro 5. Expectations of Surface Pro 5 launch reached a zenith when Paul Thurrott claimed to have inside information about the new two-in-one with possible hardware specifications that suggested an Intel Kaby Lake upgrade and no USB-C .

However, the latest news about Surface Pro 5 that we came across was in the form of a statement by none other than Panos Panay, the corporate vice president for Surface, who revealed that Surface Pro 5 doesn’t exist as the time. This was a blunt statement that killed all rumors and speculations in one swing.

His exact words were: “there’s no such thing as a Pro 5.”

Why? Microsoft doesn’t want to release Surface Pro 5 just for the sake of it. The company wants to release a Surface Pro 5 that has innovative features as well as means something to its users. Surface Pro 4 is being pegged as the best two-in-one in the market by Microsoft and according to Panay the Surface Pro 4 will continue to rule the niche for five years to come.

This statement indicated that Surface Pro 4 is not going anywhere and that it will remain Microsoft’s flagship in the Surface Pro series of devices for a few months to come or until the company decides to release a new Surface Pro. So, why not poke around online and buy Surface Pro 4 with up to 25 per cent discounts.