Microsoft Surface Phone: This is how Microsoft is up to massacre its antagonists

Microsoft Surface Phone

Though none of the bureaucrats of Microsoft has corroborated any legitimate tidings on getting underway a surface phone but some tattle tales like “Microsoft is all set to add a line of surface phones”, “Surface Phones, new additions is going to be unveiled in next to no time” are creating solid buzz around the Tech world. Microsoft’s May (May 3, 2017) event turned out to be a great despair for the Wind phone lovers as the event did not pursue an inkling of the surface phone and ended up only publicizing the surface laptop. However, Microsoft SEO Satya Nadella has put a light on the surface phone by hinting on the ultimate phone on which Microsoft is rumored to work these days.

Exclusive Features: Catch your Breath and be ready to be introduced to the next generation gadget


5.7″ OLED foldable display

The screen can be switched to a full sized keyboard, an eBook reader, or a video consumer.

Leading Hardware:

  1. 835 Chipset
  2. Consumer Edition: 3GB RAM, 32 GB STORAGE

Business Edition: 6GB RAM, 128 GB STORAGE

Enthusiast Edition: 8GB RAM, 500 GB STORAGE

Continuum Support:

The flexibility of Continuum dock one can connect it components like keyboard and monitors by using a Type- C cable.


3000 mAh powered battery


Primary Camera: 21MP

Secondary Camera: 8MP


Redstone 3

Security Features:

Microsoft is giant on securities with retinal scans and Windows Hello support fingerprints and so a better security will surely be observed in the surface phone.

Let’s Spill the Beans: Basic Queries on Microsoft Surface Phones

How is the surface phone going to look like?

Though there is not any official image revealed by the authorities according to some leaked images the phone must look something like this (so similar to the Nokia Lumia XL!)

What is the most Probable Circulate date?

The rumored date is the last half of 2017 or early 2018. However, some portals have claimed that the release date might pay a hold a long (until 2019 or so).

What is so state of the art about this gadget?

5.7 inches display, Snapdragon 835 CPU and three variants (Consumer Edition, Business Edition, Enthusiast Edition)

How much may the surface phone cost?

$700- $1100.

The alleged info is that the surface phone will be supreme windows 10 mobile phone ensuring a slaying feature of plugging it into the keyboard, monitor, and mouse. This means you may be able to use a desktop software on your device that you can carry in your pocket or purse. However, with this outstanding feature, Microsoft may win a battle again Apple or Google but it cannot win a war over them as it will need some more striking features. Whatever the phone claims to be one thing is sure that being subjected to the major catastrophe of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, the addition of surface phones must be the last roll of the dice for Microsoft.

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