Father’s Day 2017 : Best Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day 2017

Father’s Day gifts can be a tricky proposition. Fortunately, most men have similar basic needs and wants that don’t change much, regardless of their age or situation. The 2017 Father’s Day gift guide will help you figure out how to buy a Father’s Day gift that will tell Dear Old Dad that you care specifically, that you care enough to think about what he would really like to receive on Father’s Day. Here are 10 ideas of the 2017 Father’s Day gift guide.

1. GPS
Men don’t like asking directions, so help Dad get where he’s going with a global positioning system. A basic handheld GPS or mobile GPS unit displays coordinates over a map. Fancier GPS systems go from a simple dash-mount GPS navigation system to multi-component in-dash car audio-video units loaded with everything you want and a few things you may never figure out.

Most LCD televisions are called flat panel televisions because they are thin and light enough to hang on the wall like a painting. LCD technology has seen huge improvements in recent years and LCD TVs are becoming the most popular TV set. Big screens are fabulous, but not a necessity — a 26-inch LCD TV is affordably priced and works in most rooms. For the serious movie or sports fan, a 32-inch to 42-inch wide-screen HDTV is a thing to be envied. If you have a very large TV room or just like your action life-size, go 52 inches or bigger!

3. Skill Stop Slot Machine
The gaming industry has exploded in recent years. You don’t need anymore evidence than the numerous poker shows on TV. The next big things are skill stop slot machines. Also called Pachislo, these are authentic slot machines used in international casinos. He can have one at home, for all of the thrill of a trip to Vegas. There are infinite titles available and can be as inexpensive as a couple hundred dollars. These machines take tokens and the wheels are stopped by three buttons on the front, hence “skill stop”. An awesome addition to his game room or den, this gift will make you his hero.

4. Home Theater Audio
If Dad already has a widescreen TV, pick out a home theater! For small rooms, a home-theater-in-a-box — a package containing the amplifier, tuner and speakers — is enough but not too much. For Dads who never shout, “Turn your stereo down!” go with surround sound speakers — a multi-speaker system identified by number: 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1; the “.1” is the subwoofer; the other number is how many speakers are in the group. Spread them around the room and they’ll reproduce theater-quality audio.

5. iPods & MP3 players
Dad probably grew up with “boomboxes” or “ghetto blasters,” big radio-cassette tape players. Today’s Dad still wants to listen to Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash or Rachmaninov, but on pocket-sized iPods and MP3 players. iPods help keep distractions down while working. MP3 players make excellent companions driving or exercising.

6. Personalized Humidor
Over the years, he’s gotten the engraved key chain, the personalized pocket watch, and the etched beer mug. All were big hits. But nothing will be a bigger hit than a personalized cigar humidor. Even if he only partakes in an occasional smoke, he will enjoy seeing his name proudly displayed on a well-crafted box. Many designs are available, from golf and racing, to an Irish pub and tiki bar.

7. Titanium Ring
One of the newer things in jewelry is titanium. This metal, often used in aerospace, is light, strong, and durable. Also he won’t get the dreaded green ring around the finger! Titanium rings are surprisingly affordable, and have huge wow factor.

8. Academic advancement
For Father’s Day ideas for the practical Dads whose business or profession demands they keep up with the latest advances, or for Dads who simply like a good tale well told, choose something from among the classics or latest releases in books, movies, music and videos.

9. Golf
Whether Dad is a duffer or the local club pro, if the man likes his links, he needs something. Fortunately, the great thing about golf gifts is the range — not the driving, range, the price range! They start with useful, inexpensive gear like rangefinders and electronic scorecards, going all the way to a golf club set including the best handmade woods or latest high-tech irons.

10. Personalized Share of Stock
This is one of the more unique gift ideas which is usedin years. Get him his own personalized share of stock from his favorite company. Choose Harley Davidson, Apple Computer, Callaway Golf, and more. Have it framed and add a personalized message.

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