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HP spectre review written by: iampaps There has been an increasing shift from full size notebooks to 2-in-one devices. That is devices that can serve as both laptops and tablets. HP and Microsoft rose up to the task with the former developing the surface pros while the latter came up with the spectre x2. However it is the latest model of the HP spectre x2 released in 2017 that has poses a serious challenge to the surface pro. This model has ditched the core m processors used previously and opted for core i processors.

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HP spectre x2 comes in black and copper colours that gives it this trendy and sophisticated look. The stylus and keyboard,arguably the highlight feature of the spectre x2, come packed in the box, you heard that right, as compared to the surface pro where you are forced to purchase the separately. The keyboard has this good feeling when using it and great responsiveness makes typing feel so natural. HP has also included a holster for the stylus so you do not have to worry about loosing your stylus in your bag. The device boasts of a 13 mp rear camera and 5mp front camera. As much as it cannot replace your smart phone it is decent enough for a laptop. They have also included a U-shaped, stainless steel kickstand that is held magnetically at the back of the device which solves the inconveniences posed by the earlier model that involved a quick-release button. They have also added an extra 15 degrees of movement so that it is now able to rotate through 165 degrees. The spectre x2 has also included a second 3.0 USB portal compared to the single one used by Microsoft. The updated model packs two front-based speakers unlike the previous side-firing speakers. As expected from HP the speakers are Bang and Olufsen (B&O) tuned.


The HP spectre x2 has a 12.3 inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels. This is a significant increase from the 1080P of the previous model. It also incorporates a 3:2 aspect ratio which allows the user to utilize the screen space more efficiently. The spectre x2 can reach a brightness of 450 which although lower than that of surface pro, beats most laptops.

Performance, Battery life and Memory:

The use of Intel’s seventh generation processors has facilitated the smooth running of the machine so that you do not get frustrated when multitasking. Although insignificant there has been a slight rise in the battery life. What would have been better was if they could push the battery to last up to 12 hours. The spectre x2 comes packed with a 360GB SSD internal storage instead of a 128GB SSD. HP have outdone Microsoft in this one by doubling their 4GB RAM. Well we can say they are pretty serious.


The spectre x2 is a remarkable improvement from the 2015 model and compares well with the Microsoft surface pro. It actually outmatches the surface pro in every right except the battery life. That and coupled by the fact that it is much cheaper and also includes keyboard and stylus in the box leaves it as the better and smarter choice.

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