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Pubs in the British firm Stonegate charge additional fees to players during England matches in some of its 690 pubs.

According to The Sun, a yacht in Manchester is charging 20p more, while a Walkabout in Colchester has added 25p, while Clock House in Harlow has added 50p. Stonegate told the newspaper that walking would help pay the door staff, plastic cups and cleaning.

The British Beer and Pub Association estimates that British fans will drop an additional six million pints as they watch the team compete for a place in the final. 16. A Stonegate spokesperson stated that price increases between 10 and 50p would apply to certain beverages in certain locations during the match.

Customers would be aware of price changes in ads that are displayed in the pub, he said. He added that it was a “common practice” for bars and bars to set up “event awards” to ensure that customers receive services quickly, safely and take advantage of the opportunity .

A spokesman for Wetherspoons said his chain of ads would not do the same thing.
His spokesman said: “We would not increase prices, I do not think customers are very impressed.

“He must show loyalty to customers who have shown him loyalty.” The Daily Star Online went to Stonegate for more comments.

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