Bengals vs Colts: Live NFL Games Week 1 Start Time, TV Schedule


To cap it off, and two rookies starting on a Marvin Lewis-led team is uncommon. But sure enough, Billy Price will be starting in safety at center and Jessie Bates III. That is also the first season of Bill Lazor where he must call a crime he designed, and also we get to realize much of an impact Teryl Austin being hired as the coordinator is going to have.

This season though we have to be prepared to see more of this Bengals young talent. Joe Mixon isn’t forced to pretend that Jeremy Hill could be the starting running backagain. Carl Lawson will last to get pass-rushing that is fed snaps the edge off. That the production we expected this past 12 months, after an off season of manifestation will be seen by John Ross, if his health permits.

This is everything you Will Need to learn for the sport:

Time: 7pm PM ET on Thursday, August 30, 2018
Location: Paul Brown Stadium – Cincinnati, OH
TV: CBS, DirecTV
Watch online: or FuboTV.

This will be our first look at the modern reincarnation of Marvin Lewis’s Bengals. There are many familiar faces Andy Dalton and A.J. Green still leading the offense, and Geno Atkins remains the dominant force which keeps the defense running. The players across the mainstays really are a lot younger than in years. On the sideline, the Colts may watch Andrew Luck under center to get a game for first time in over a year also he’s got a fresh offensive-minded head trainer in Frank Reich. We have to anticipate feelings to be high in Indianapolis.

No, you clicked on the post that was perfect. The Bengals and Colts are currently playing with this week. This time round, the area will be seen by the novices for every team, and the game could actually count.