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TechNewsGazette.com is a one-stop online destination for to the point coverage of science & technology as well as other news stories in the field of medicine, arts & culture, markets and sports. We deliver unbiased and to the point coverage so as to cater to appetite of every online reader.

At Tech News Gazettte we know how much new discoveries and advances in science, technology and medicine matters and understand the need for keeping pace with rapidly advanced world.

Owned and operated by Parity Media Private Limited, Tech News Gazette brings to you news and analysis through a professional vigour while also keeping the coverage as simple as possible so that everyone is able to get the gist of the news and analysis. We gather, analyse and present only the important news without you having to waste your precious internet time. You can get in touch with us here.

The Team


I am Ravi, and they say that I call the shots at TechNewsGazette.com. I am acting editor of the site and am responsible for deciding what goes on Tech News Gazette and what doesn’t. I have over six years of experience in online news publishing and by education I am an information security professional.


vinay-mandaliaVinay Mandalia

Hey guys, I am Vinay and I not only contribute to Tech News Gazette, but I am also assigned with back end business and financial responsibilities of Tech News Gazette. I have over 40 years of experience in the banking and finance industry and I cover market stories on Tech News Gazette.


mittal-mandaliaMittal Mandalia

I am Mittal and I cover social networking, web and internet news and analysis. I have a total of five years of experience in technology journalism and have an educational background in business management.